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4wd fever

It has been ages since my last post… Sorry about that Internet. Here’s a summary of what I’ve been working on:

Yup, I gots me a Troopy! I am one happy camper… Quite literally :D
I bought this car so I can go on adventures anywhere in Aus, at any time, and bring as many people as I want with me becuse it has 11 seats.. yep, eleven. So I’ve been spending all my money (which ain’t much) on upgrades, doing little weekends away here and there in preparation for a big trip around the country which will probably take place next year or something. Hey I’m not much of a planner, at least now I can just pack and go whenever! I love my freedom machine x


After nearly two years in the making, my new custom LP is now COMPLETE!!!! Very happy with the finish, the setup, the sound, everything just came together so nicely. I recorded a song on it last night and maaan this thing just sounds/feels/looks RAD.

Big thanks to Sachar Amos! What the hell am I gunna blog about now???

Finally blue!

Mask task

I brought the guitar home with me to relieve Sachar of the fiddly task of masking up the face in preparation for blue stain. The design features some nice lines that highlight the soundholes, I had originally envisaged these as inlays but during the photoshop mockup I decided this would look better as a mask before we apply the blue burst and serve as a “truth window” that reveals the sealed wood underneath. Here’s some pics of the mask task!

The back has been stained and sealed with a couple of gloss coats. It looks amazing, the photo really doesn’t do it justice!

Applying the mask with blue tape. Fiddly work!


Finished masking her up! The original design had quite tight curves which I decided to make pointy instead, basically because it was easier. I wouldn’t have been able to mirror the same curves on both sides accurately and, well, the pointy version does look pretty cool… In fact I think it’s an improvement!

she’s playable!!!!

I went to visit Sachar to drop off some parts yesterday. He had dressed the fretboard and even put some strings on to set the intonation before drilling bridge holes… So I sat down and had a twang! Considering this guitar is far from finished I have to say it felt GREAT to play. It was awesome to hear what she’ll sound like unplugged :)

Fretboard inlays done

Shitty photos… But cool inlays!! Trapezoid shape, MOP & abalone. Kickass!

Feed me!

Blue burst mockup

For some reason this guitar has always been blue in my mind. Here’s a quick preview I knocked up in Photoshop today.


Chromey goodness

Another hot preview!!

Binding and soundholes done

Great job Sachar!

latest tunes


My new guitar is really taking shape now. Sachar is doing an AWESOME job!

By the way, his new website is now LIVE!! Check it out –
…hit LIKE on his new Facebook page too –

Out Now – Paper Scissors

Well here it is, a finished product is now available for your listening pleasure.

myshyte solo album coming soon

Here’s a sneak preview of the CD cover art.

myshyte - paper scissors

Thanks goes to Penny for the awesome photo!

Liberty Belle

Well, here it is… Just about the catchiest song I have ever written. Enjoy (with headphones)! - liberty belle.mp3

I actually finished something!

Rockin Chair.mp3

There is a whole album of cheesy rock songs like this one in the works, here’s a sneak preview for those who give a crap. Jai and I wrote this song in 2004. It’s about Baya, who was still in Kristii’s belly!

Parts arrived!

Quilted Maple top from the USA!!!! Beautiful.

A Bigsby B7 tailpiece! HOT!!

Seymour Duncan P90s. Sweeeeet!


The acoustic cavity has now been routed into the body (which produced a lot of sawdust!), this thing is really starting to take shape now. Exciting stuff!

Latest project!

A friend of mine Sachar Amos makes guitars in his backyard. I needed an accoustic fixed so I went to his place, he showed me around his workshop (which is AWESOME). He is a very talented luthier and it turns out he needs a website, we got chatting about that then we struck a deal – one awesome guitar for one awesome website!! Both projects are moving slowly but surely. 

So here’s the test site:

And here’s the guitar so far:

I took a photo of a Les Paul blueprint he had…

Layed some shapes over it on Photoshop…
(acoustic cavity, neck-thru, Rickenbacker-bass-style headstock, kung-fu-mustache-shaped sound-holes, Bigsby B7, MOP inlays)

He’s cut the block! It’s all happenin!!

I’ll post further updates to document our progress. I very excite! Been collecting parts on eBay.

OK Here’s some music!

Well I guess this website is now my personal blog… So here’s a taste of something I’ve been working on lately.

Every time I listen to José González’ accoustic solo album Veneer I hear these awesome drum beats in my head because the man has very good rhythm. So I went ahead and recorded some drum tracks over it – here’s the results. I had planned to do the whole album but I don’t have time for that, just got thru the first three. Enjoy!

1 – Slow Moves – José González

2 – Remain – José González

3 – Lovestain – José González

Bedroom session

Disclaimer – Please don’t sue me. I’m not distributing this or claiming ownership, just sharing with friends. All credit goes to the man himself, please buy his album if you like it. If you are listening to this with a laptop or mobile please do it justice with a pair of headphones. All music sounds shyte thru tinny speakers.


Rory McDougall is now employed by:

IVT Home

Symbolic Studios will cease operation.

Prospects: Please consider employing the fantastic services of IVT – integrated online business systems.
Existing clients: I am able to offer support in my spare time but no new projects please! Thank you for your business.

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article: what is open source?

There are several answers to this question depending on who’s asking. Here’s a great generic response – open source allows freedom of choice.

Some consider open source a philosophy, others consider it a pragmatic methodology. One way to explain open source is by using keywords to describe what it isn’t: Proprietary, corporate, bias, exclusive, binding, restricted, etc.

Take operating systems for example. The most popular operating system is made by the Microsoft Corporation. Although their product is great in many ways, it is far from open source. Remember the little box that you ticked when installing Windows? That was their End User License Agreement, a contract that makes you vulnerable to the keywords listed above. Essentially, even though you paid for it you do not own it, in fact in many ways they own you!

Think about it – Most computers are sold with Windows already installed. Would you have chosen Windows if you were ever offered a choice? The answer might be yes for familiarity’s sake, like most of us you may have become dependent upon Microsoft and therefore prone to another vastly dominating corporate agenda.

Alternatively, open source software is made freely available and the code is also yours to build upon. The introduction of the GNU/GPL licensing method 25 years ago encouraged users and developers all over the world to build vast community support networks around new collaborative projects. Popular open source software projects include Mozilla Firefox (web browser), (alternative to MS Office), Linux (operating systems) and Joomla! (website content management system)

… They’re all free of course!

As a web designer/developer I benefit from and contribute to open source projects in many ways. The services I provide include customising software for my clients whilst giving them the same freedom that open source offers me – reputable packages backed by vast support networks to assist in their site’s administration, complete control of their entire website (and its code) and providing a flexible platform from which to expand and grow with their business.

I use a free open source Linux operating system called Ubuntu. Try it out. Liberate yourself!